Zulgurub Boost On BoostBay.com – Welcome To The Jungle!

Zul’Gurub is an absolute gem. It requires only 20 people, exceptional pre-40-man raiding gear that will help you get through Molten Core with a breeze, and a 3-day lockout! It’s not a breeze though, so be sure that you grab a WoW Classic Zul’Gurub Boost, or even two, from our shop!

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Despite requiring less amount of people, storming the troll city won’t be easy. This raid is above most other raids in Classic in terms of tactics and DPS requirements. But the rewards are absolutely worth it: more than a hundred items equal in strength to Molten Core, and two epic mounts that have no skill or racial requirement. Although, Tier 1 remains superior due to its set bonuses.

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